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News » The first year of working of the Single interactive state services portal, results and prospective

On June 30, 2014, there was press conference in Tashkent devoted to the activity of the Single interactive state services portal, organized by the State committee of communication, informatization and telecommunication technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Detailed information about achieved results, realized opportunities and further Portal development plans were given during the press conference.

Launching of the Single portal, available in the Internet via www.my.gov.uz, was one year before – July 1, 2013.

Within the first year of activity of the Single portal, significant work has been done, in particular:

- More than 500 organizations of government and economic management, local governance authorities, including district and city khokimiyats were connected;

- Around 200 different services launched;

- Services on appointment to head of government authorities, vacancy announcements with opportunity to send the CV by users, send the application to receive biometric passport, services for future entrepreneurs, development of business sphere, also different conveniences for users and state authorities realized;

- Specific legal acts and different instructions for state authority representatives on working with the State portal developed;

- Centralized processing system of citizens’ applications implemented. All citizens` applications, receiving via the Single portal can be centrally tracked; time and quality of their execution can be controlled;

- Consultation works with responsible officers of the state authorities on working with the Single portal and etc. are holding on regular basis.

Around 20 thousand applications were sent to state authorities through the Single portal during the past period, among them 85% are reviewed and responded. 3062 (15%) applications are on ongoing status. 2159 (11%) applications out of total number were sent by legal entities.

Among them:

- appeals – 61,3%

- offers – 8,8%

- complains – 28,6%

Around 85% of users prefer to receive responses to their applications from government authorities via email.

Today, favorite services of the Single portal are:

- consideration of appeals;

- issuance of certificates on conviction absence (presence);

- issuance of archive certificate on work experience length;

- online submission of application for registration of business subjects without legal;

- registration of biometric passport of citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan (pilot project in Almazar district).

Special attention on the Single portal is devoting to development of entrepreneurship sphere and support its subjects. As it was mentioned above, from January 1,2014 registration of entrepreneurship subjects service has been launched. Thus, up to day, everyone desired to be an entrepreneur can register his/her business through online application.

In case of breaking the rights and legal interests of entrepreneurship subjects, as well as solution the issues and problems not resolving in local authorities, entrepreneurs can forward their appeals to organs of justice.

In addition, the Single interactive state services portal has its “Call-center” available at short number “1060” and “8-800-200-1818”. The service is free of charge – only the call according to the current rate for outgoing local calls is charged from the client.

By calling to «Call-center” office of the Single interactive state services portal, users can address their applications, complains and offers to government organs of the country. As for today, via operators of the “Call-center” more than 7630 calls have been processed, among them 1240 appeals were sent to government authorities.

At the press conference, it was noted that the introduction of the Single portal changed approaches of government authorities to work with citizens` appeals receiving the applications for getting the services. The participants of the press conference noted the positive effect from the implementation of the Single portal, some organizations began to take the initiative and offer new services. For example, the Agency "Uzarkhiv" took the initiative to implement the service to issue archival certificates on the requests of citizens through the Single portal, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs has implemented a service for the issuance of certificates on convictions absence (presence) that have become popular among users of the Single portal.

Huge interest is growing to the activity of the Single portal in social networks, where citizens themselves advice to each other to use the Single portal as a tool to resolve the problems and sensitive situations.

Examples of positive comments from users who left on the portal:

«It’s not the first time when I am confident on intense work of the Single portal. I solved problem with gas, electricity, water, garbage and gasoline through it, and now the way to and from the home.»

«Thank you very much for solving the problem on time. I don`t have any claims. Heating problems started after changing tubes, held about two years ago. After our application, homeowners’ representatives tried to fix themselves the lack of heat. They poured the water, but it solved a problem for a few hours. After this, representatives of "Tashteploenergo" arrived and the whole day was digested pipes, than heating appeared. My grandparents are living in this apartment. They are eternally grateful for your help. They say that now there is place where to address in order them, , the elderly, to be heard.»

At the press conference it was also noted the future plans for further development of the Single portal. Thus, within the framework of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PD-4609 of April 7, 2014 "On additional measures to further improve the investment climate and business environment in the Republic of Uzbekistan" and the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PD-2164 on April 15, 2014 "On measures to further improve the procedures related to business activities and the provision of public services " a range of services, providing more freedom to entrepreneurship are implemented on the Single portal.

Among them:

- service, devoted to solve the problems of entrepreneurship subjects in housing sphere by sending claims on problems with housing and utilities supplement. This service can be demanded in resolution of such problems as weak of water pressure, low temperature of hot water, outage the power or gas without warning, problems with sewage, untimely export the garbage that may hinder the business development of the entrepreneur. Complains to this and alike problems in housing and utilities supplement can be sent through the Single interactive state services portal;

- service, providing the opportunity to subjects of entrepreneurship claim to justice authorities in case of facts of injustice attitude towards subjects of entrepreneurship by some public officials, in particular the reclamation of unnecessary documents, forced engagement of labor, forced sponsorship and other illegal activities.

In general, the press conference gave a chance to analyze current position the activity of the Single portal, its further development and perspectives to implement new interactive state services based on needs of the population. Participants of the conference held the fruitful exchange of opinions in this direction.



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