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News » Want to cut down a tree? Do it right

Special care of the state for greenery becomes clear if we remember that they are one of the main vital natural resources, the source of life of all, providing us with oxygen. In addition, they play a huge role in shaping the architectural and natural appearance of any locality and performs a very important microclimatc functions and increase the level of environmental comfort.

Thus, the felling of green space, trees is not a casual event, it should be strictly justified. Proceeding from these considerations, the state establishes certain rules for handling resources of nature.

Even if the tree is planted in front of your own windows, it can be cut down only on the basis of a permit issued by the public authority (local authorities) in consultation with environmental authorities, after the payment of certain charge.

On the Single portal new information is posted about the size of payments for the cutting of trees and shrubs outside the state forest fund, as well as fines for damage to greenery, their unauthorized felling, etc., which the user will find very useful and it is available at the link http://my.gov.uz/ru/page/penalty_cutting.html.

Notice that before the cut down of a tree, you need to verify, whether it is permitted to cut down and if so, in what circumstances and how. If you witness illegal cut of trees, violations of orders of their handling, etc., you can file an appeal through the Single portal to the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection on this page http://my.gov.uz/ru/page/penalty_cutting.html.

We remind you that earlier on the Single interactive state services portal information has been posted which is on such legal issues, which is located at the following addresses:

Fees for notarial acts performed by notaries http://my.gov.uz/ru/page/notary.html;

information considered offenses and penalties on the size of the Office of entry-exit and registration of citizenship of the bodies of Ministry of Internal affairs http://my.gov.uz/ru/page/penalty_ovir.html;

information about the kinds of violations and fines for them, considered by the state security service of traffic of the Ministry of internal affairs http://my.gov.uz/ru/page/penalty_gubdd.html.

Dear users, follow the news of the Single portal (http://www.my.gov.uz/ru/news/index), and you will always be aware of the most demanded and relevant governmental information.



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