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News » The Single interactive state services portal for four month: people are not very active in the evaluation of responses

On July 1, 2013 through the Single interactive state services portal (http://my.gov.uz) was filed about three thousand applications, including applications - 54.1%, offers - 23.8% and complaints - 22 1%.

Among the users men are more active, 71 % of all appeals falls on them.

The main audience of the Single portal already has email addresses, respectively, 87% of users prefer to receive responses from the public authorities on their treatment via email.

According to statistics, the most popular state bodies (the first five), to which users most apply are followings:

1. Agency "Uzarhiv" - 258 applications;

2. Khokimiyat of Tashkent city - 184 applications;

3. Ministry of Justice - 168 applicatons;

4. State Committee for Communications, Information and telecommunication technologies - 119 applications;

5. Ministry of internal affairs - 117 applications.

29 organizations has not received a single treatment yet.

Organizations such as Uzbekneftegas, State Testing Centre, Uzavtoyul, State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection and others should pay special attention to the timeliness of processing of applications, since these organizations already have a number of overdue while processing applications.

Distribution of rates of user satisfaction with the answers of governmental organizations is as following:
As you can see from the chart, more than half of the responses were evaluated with the mark "5", accordingly the Single portal could help them in solving their real-life problems.

Organizations that have received the highest satisfaction ratings of their responses from users are the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activities, Uzvinprom-holding, Microcredit bank "Asaka".

The following organizations must pay more attention to the quality of the responses to the public and business entities through the Single portal, due to the low level of user satisfaction: Khokimiyats of Namangan region and the city of Tashkent, JSC "Uzavtoprom" , State Customs Committee and the Ministry of Health.

Along with this, from the total number of responses to applications only about 16.5% were rated by the users, and the only 7% of the total number of users use this feature. Therefore, due to the fact that most of the responses of government agencies is not rated by users it is very difficult to analyze and identify the quality of the work of the organizations on users applications.

We should not forget that the voice of each member is important in assessing the quality of works of public institutions with the applications of citizens, so we kindly ask each user to objectively evaluate each response of the state organization to his apply.

The authorities should pay more attention to the quality and timeliness of treatment of applications received through the Single portal as the systematic publication of statistics is planned indicating the best and worst of government agencies in this direction.



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