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On the Single interactive state services portal http://my.gov.uz there has been implemented a new service that allows users to submit an online application to transfer residental property to non-residential property located within the Tashkent region (http://my.gov .uz/ru/service/206).

The application is submitted addressed to the khokim of the district where the applicant lives, together with a package of documents (i.e. copies of the relevant documents in electronic form) which also are filed online. This service is available to the users registered in the system of identification ID.UZ, with the status of PassportID or having the electronic digital signature (EDS).

Khokim's decision on the results of the application are available in electronic form. The service is a major step in the automation of hte activity of state bodies of public services in our country.

We remind you that the status of PassportID can be received in the UZINFOCOM Center for what it is necessary to come to the Center with the passport (detailed information can receive according to the reference - https://www.id.uz/info/13. Besides, natural persons can receive the digital signature (DS) on a free basis in tax authorities http://www.soliq.uz/docs/instr/inst_el_ot_082012.pdf.

Follow the news of the Single portal at the following link - http://my.gov.uz/ru/news/index



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