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To obtain interactive services on the Single interactive state services portal, you can choose one of the following registration methods:
  1. With SMS confirmation. Get the activation code via SMS notification on mobile.
  2. With the single system of identification ID.UZ.
  3. With the digital signatures.
  4. With UzCard.
Before choosing one of the methods of registration, we encourage you to read the Terms of use of the Single portal.

Choose one of the methods of registration:

With SMS verification

With ID.UZ system

With Digital signature

With UzCard

Registering on the Single portal, you confirm your agreement to the Terms of use of the portal

Terms of Use of the Single portal

Dear user!

The Single portal provides You opportunities to submit electronic applications, what is easier and more convenient than the personal appearance in public institutions, or to send them letters in paper form. Besides, your application has an official status.

In this regard, we ask You not to forget following items:

  1. Appeals from users reporting incorrect information about themselves or not explaining the essence of address will not be considered, in accordance with Article 6 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the appeals of individuals and legal entities"
  2. Appeals from users containing slander, insults and false denunciations, involve responsibility according to the Article 28 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the appeals of individuals and legal entities" articles 40 - 41 Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan on administrative responsibility ,articles 139 - 140, 237 of Criminal code of the Republic of Uzbekistan .
  3. Expenses incurred by a public authority in relation to verification of applications containing false information may be sought from the individuals and legal entities in accordance with Article 27 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the appeals of individuals and legal entities".

However, if the public authority has sent You a reply that is not essentially or violated the established deadlines, took unjustified, contrary to the law a decision on Your application or in some other way violated Your rights, established by the legislation about appeals of individuals and legal entities, You can appeal against such actions to the superior organization or to the court.

We also remind you that in accordance with the Regulation on the Single state interactive services portal public agencies may refuse to consider applications. In this case the base for refusal to consider a user's application, received through personal study, may be the following:

  • incorrect message content (obscene or abusive language, threats, offers, devoid of logic and meaning, etc.);
  • the text of application contains incomprehensible reduction or promotional materials, does not contain specific allegations, complaints or suggestions.

When the public agency refuses to consider of application it must inform of citizen within one working day about refuse the application and the reasons for it in electronic form.

Also, the public agency shall not review the application of the same user, containing a question that the public authority has provided the answer repeatedly, if application is not new arguments or circumstances.

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