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Description of the service

Educational credits


Credits are provided to students-citizens of Uzbekistan, studying full-time courses in high educational institutions on paid and contract basis, directly to students or their parents or to trustees.

Credit term for Baccalaureate - up to 10 years, for Masters - up to 5 years, including training period in university in these terms.

Military service period is not included into this period.

OJSCB “Uzsanoatqurilishbank” granting of credits based on repayment, urgency and targeted usage principles.

The interest rate is floating, but not lower than refinancing rate of Central Bank. Calculation and payment of interest for education credit starts since awarding the amount transferred to high educational institution (HEU) and return of principal is 3 months after graduation of HEU.

Forms of security:

- pledge of property or securities;

- bank guarantee;

- third party guarantee;

- insurance policy of insurance company for insuring risk of credit default.

- guarantee from self-government bodies of citizens (only for orphans, inmates of “Mekhribonlik” orphanages, 1 and 2 groups of disabled since childhood and people from low-income families).


• free credits (with no interest rate) – for orphans, inmates of “Mekhribonlik” orphanages, 1 and 2 groups of disabled since childhood.

• with payment of 50 % of accrued interest payments on credit from the State Employment Fund – for students from low-income families.

Procedure of granting, repayment and interest payment implementation.

Transfer of funds for educational credits is made under conditions specified in the credit agreement, every semester (6 months study period) by dividing the total sum of annual tuition fee in two equal parts. The initial tuition fees in the first half for newly entered students is to be performed until October 1 of the current year, for the second half - to 15 March of the following calendar year.

Starting from the second study year, credit payments to be made no later than the 5th day of the first month of each semester (September and March).

Interest shall be paid by the borrower under the conditions specified in the credit agreement.

Usually, educational credits are granted by branches located in towns of residence of the borrower.

Charging and payment of interest for education credits starts since granting amount transferred to educational institution, and return of main debt – after three months from official study graduation of student in higher educational institution for this type of education, excluding time of re-training on separate courses.

Sphere of the service

Banking and Financial Services

Category of the service recipient


The organization

 Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Uzpromstroybank”


Address: 3, Shaxrisabz str.,100000, Tashkent

Phone: (+998-71) 120-35-94,

Fax:( +998-71) 233-35-94,

E-mail: info@uzpsb.uz

Web site: www.uzpsb.uz

Documents required to get the service

1.Application (written request) for granting educational credit;

2. Agreement (contract), registered in proper manner, for training on payment-contractual basis between student and HEU;

3. References from borrower’s place of residence issued by local authorities or homeowners' associations;

4. Document of credit insurance (security);

5. Borrowerpersonally provides passport.

Legal basis for service provision

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers №318 dated of July 26, 2001

Cost and method of payment for the service

Free of charge.

Period of dealing with an application

Bank transfer of money on educational credits are realized according to conditions specified in credit agreement - every six months by dividing total amount of annual tuition fees in two equal parts. This initial payment of tuition in first half of newly entered students is to be performed before 1 October of current year, for the second half - before March 15 of following calendar year.

Starting from the second year of training, payments for credit are made not later than 5th day of first month of each semester (September and March).

Methods for obtaining results


Result of the service

Transfer of educational credit.

Reasons for refusal

In case of not providing the necessary documents.

Order of appeal

In established order.

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