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On-line application for registration of subjects of business with formation of legal entity (in form of LLC)
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Description of the service

On-line submission of the application for registration of business enterpreneurship subjects to form a limited trade company (LTD). The service is available with and without the use of a digital signature.

Sphere of the service


Category of the service recipient


The organization


According to chosen khokimiyat.

Documents required to get the service

  • A copy of the confirmed payment (receipt for payment of state duties);

  • A copy of the certificate of absence of identical or confusingly similar trade names;

  • Copies of sketches stamps and stamp.

Legal basis for service provision

  • Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Introduction of Application procedure for state registration and registration of business entities" from 24.05.2006, № PP-357

  • Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On cardinal improvement of the system of registration procedures for the organization of business" from 20.08.2003, № 357

  • Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Limited Liability Company and additional"

Cost and method of payment for the service

1 minimum wage.

Period of dealing with an application

No more 2 working days.

Methods for obtaining results

Without preliminary permission. The copies of documents issued by the user are sent to the office on a single portal and e-mail the applicant.

Result of the service

Obtain a certificate of state registration of legal entities, the constituent documents marked "registered" and a sketch of the seal and stamp, stamped by the registering authority.

Reasons for refusal

  • Failure to provide the documents provided services regulation;

  • The unreliability of the documents provided;

  • Application containing not normative lexicon, and abusive language, as well as any advertising;

  • Any other action contrary to law.

Order of appeal

In case of refusal the applicant may appeal to a higher authority in the prescribed manner provided for in the law.

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