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Description of the service

On-line submission of the application for registration permits for connection to existing utilities, transfer of premises in the category of non-residential and paperwork technical conditions for connection to existing utilities (gas, electricity, water supply, heat supply, sewerage, telephone). The service is provided in the presence of a digital signature.

Sphere of the service


Category of the service recipient


The organization


According to chosen khokimiyat.

Documents required to get the service

  • Copy of passport of the owner;

  • Copy of the document certifying the right of the owner of the facility;

  • Receipt of payment of the state fee;

  • A copy of a sketch of the object;

  • Copies of cadastral documents;

  • A copy of the project documentation;

  • A copy of the architect;

  • A copy of the protocol chairman OWNING;

  • A copy of the consent of family members (notarized).

Legal basis for service provision

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 357, dated May 24, 2006

Cost and method of payment for the service

Four times the minimum wage.

Period of dealing with an application

No more than 2 working days.

Methods for obtaining results

In the spur of the moment. The copies of documents issued by the user are sent to the office on a single portal and e-mail the applicant.

Result of the service

Obtaining permission to connect to existing utilities, transfer of premises in the category of non-residential and connection to existing utilities on specifications.

Reasons for refusal

  • Provide documents provided services regulation;

  • The unreliability of the documents provided;

  • Application containing not normative lexicon, and abusive language, as well as any advertising;

  • Any other action contrary to law.

Order of appeal

In case of refusal the applicant may obrashatya higher authority in the prescribed manner.

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