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An online application for the temporary suspension of gas supply or the resumption of gas supply
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Description of the service

An online application for the temporary suspension of gas supply or the resumption of gas supply

Sphere of the service

Housing Communal Services

Category of the service recipient

Individuals and legal entities

The organization

Joint Stock Company "Uztransgas"


Address: 100031, Tashkent, st. Yusuf Hawes Hozhib 31a

Metro: Cosmonauts station

Bus: 140

Phone: +998 (71) 239-18-67, +998 (71) 150-31-14, +998 (71) 239-89-65

Documents required to get the service

Registration on the Single portal, filling in the online application form.

The presence of the applicant is required, the presence of the passport.

If someone represents the house owner, then notarized power of attorney and its copy (for the specialist) are required.

In case of resumption of gas supply, in addition to the above documents receipts, checks, etc., showing the absence of debt for the consumed gas, as well as an act of temporary suspension of the gas supply are required

Legal basis for service provision

- Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan №2164 dated April 15, 2014;

- "Rules of gas use in households in the Republic of Uzbekistan" №370 registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated October 14, 1997

Cost and method of payment for the service

Free of charge

Period of dealing with an application

Within 5 working days

Methods for obtaining results

A notification is forwarded to the user's personal account on the Single portal

Result of the service

Visit of a gas supply specialist

Reasons for refusal

- Failure to submit or incomplete set of documents and information, provided by service regulations;

- The unreliability of the documents submitted;

- Other restrictions stipulated by law.

Order of appeal

An applicant has the right to appeal against the decision of an official institution in the order established by law.

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