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Information on licensing for legal entities for activities on development architectural and planning documentation
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Description of the service

Providing information about the licensing entities to carry out activities to develop architectural and urban planning documentation in accordance with Annex.

Sphere of the service

Licensing and Permits

Category of the service recipient

Legal persons.

The organization

Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Address: 6, Abay str., Tashkent

Phone: +998 (71) 244-27-54

+998 (71) 244-05-05

Documents required to get the service

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on February 1, 2012 № 26

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on March 23, 2010 № 50

documents confirming the applicant belongs by right of ownership or otherwise lawfully buildings, premises, equipment and tools necessary for carrying out the licensed activity;

decisions of local authorities on the transfer of premises in the category of non-residential - in the implementation of the licensed activity in the residential house (apartment) .

Legal basis for service provision

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to further improve the procedure for licensing the development of architectural and urban planning documentation" № 126 of April 30, 2009.

Cost and method of payment for the service

Free of charge.

Period of dealing with an application

Commission's decision to issue a license to the applicant a license or refusal to issue a license shall be made within a period not exceeding fifteen days from the date of receipt of the application of the license applicant.

Methods for obtaining results

Personally, through a legal representative, by mail, in electronic form, by phone.

Result of the service

Receive information on how to obtain a license.

Reasons for refusal

Reasons for denial of a license are:

representation of the license applicant improperly documented ;

presence in the documents submitted by the license applicant , false or distorted information ;

inconsistency of the license applicant licensing requirements and conditions , as well as the conditions of competition ( tender ) .

Refusal to grant a license on other grounds , including on grounds that issuing a license shall not be permitted .

The license applicant has the right to appeal the decision of the licensing authority to refuse to issue a license , as well as actions (inaction ) of an official of the licensing authority , in the manner prescribed by law.

Order of appeal

Recipient of the information may appeal electronically or by asking an appeal addressed to the head of the licensing authority.

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